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In an ideal world, a company would have the knowledge, experience, and expertise in-house to fully inform all of their most strategic IT decisions. In reality, companies are too focused on their own implementations, system support issues, and day-to-day operations to gain the full perspective on their own that they need to make their most strategic decisions. Even with companies that have the resources to dedicate to training, attending user groups, and technology conferences, these learning opportunities still don’t answer a lot of the most important questions that companies need to make strategic decisions.

Questions like product maturity, dependability, and hidden implementation costs are notoriously difficult to answer without direct experience. Even companies that have implemented new technologies tend to hide their own challenges and merely claim success—if they are willing to discuss their own internal projects at all.

That’s where we come in. Through our direct relationships with SAP, ASUG, dozens of customers, and hundreds of top industry consultants—as well as our own experience with dozens of SAP projects—we can provide an objective and deeply informed perspective of what works, what others are doing, and what you should put off for another day, that cannot otherwise be obtained.

So before you make your next big technology decision, call on a trusted advisor. Your Virtual CIO, Bromlow Consulting.

In Business Since 2016!

So is Bromlow Consulting a new start-up? Or is it a continuation of a previous enterprise? Certainly it is built upon the foundation of over 20 years of consulting experience, corporate IT leadership, and a constant desire to re-invent ourselves to best meet the demands of our customers.

Start-ups, even for long-running, well-established companies, are necessary. Demand constantly changes and companies can only grow and prosper if they change to meet their customers’ changing demands. While there may be something to be said for longevity in business, there is also something to be said for start-ups.

We are the innovators. We are the force that turns the cogs of change that our economy thrives on. We are driven by the demands of our customers and we can only survive and grow by meeting that demand. We are light and agile, able to quickly change directions and meet the desires of the market head on.

So if your IT partner isn’t meeting your demands and expectations, maybe its time to consider a start-up. We are Bromlow Consulting, new start-up, established, 2016.

New Company, New Name

Welcome to Bromlow Consulting, LLC. This isn’t my first IT consulting company, but it is the first to bear my name. While I’m proud of our accomplishments at Quivira, after merging Quivira with a partner company and spending the past few years leading the delivery side of that firm, it was time to return again to the helm of my own ship. And while it is exciting to take this new vessel out on her maiden voyage, it is reassuring to know that we will be in familiar waters.

Many things about this company will be familiar to those who have done business with us in the past. There will still be a heavy focus on the ever important field of business intelligence and analytics. Business Planning and Consolidations as well as the renewed IBP and augmented capabilities of HANA, S4 HANA and B4 HANA will continue to be a popular theme. And we are excited about the new capabilities of Lumira, Fiori, Cloud Analytics, and the Digital Boardroom.

In fact, stay tuned to hear more about some exciting developments we have in the works around SAP’s Digital Boardroom concept. This is something that I think long-term SAP customers and SMEs are equally going to like. You surely won’t want to miss out on the coming announcements.

So once again, welcome to our new portal on the web. I look forward to reconnecting with old partners and making new connections with future customers as this journey continues. Please feel free to drop me a line and be sure to stay tuned in to hear more about our exciting new adventures.


David Bromlow
Founding Consultant
Bromlow Consulting