So is Bromlow Consulting a new start-up? Or is it a continuation of a previous enterprise? Certainly it is built upon the foundation of over 20 years of consulting experience, corporate IT leadership, and a constant desire to re-invent ourselves to best meet the demands of our customers.

Start-ups, even for long-running, well-established companies, are necessary. Demand constantly changes and companies can only grow and prosper if they change to meet their customers’ changing demands. While there may be something to be said for longevity in business, there is also something to be said for start-ups.

We are the innovators. We are the force that turns the cogs of change that our economy thrives on. We are driven by the demands of our customers and we can only survive and grow by meeting that demand. We are light and agile, able to quickly change directions and meet the desires of the market head on.

So if your IT partner isn’t meeting your demands and expectations, maybe its time to consider a start-up. We are Bromlow Consulting, new start-up, established, 2016.