Welcome to Bromlow Consulting, LLC. This isn’t my first IT consulting company, but it is the first to bear my name. While I’m proud of our accomplishments at Quivira, after merging Quivira with a partner company and spending the past few years leading the delivery side of that firm, it was time to return again to the helm of my own ship. And while it is exciting to take this new vessel out on her maiden voyage, it is reassuring to know that we will be in familiar waters.

Many things about this company will be familiar to those who have done business with us in the past. There will still be a heavy focus on the ever important field of business intelligence and analytics. Business Planning and Consolidations as well as the renewed IBP and augmented capabilities of HANA, S4 HANA and B4 HANA will continue to be a popular theme. And we are excited about the new capabilities of Lumira, Fiori, Cloud Analytics, and the Digital Boardroom.

In fact, stay tuned to hear more about some exciting developments we have in the works around SAP’s Digital Boardroom concept. This is something that I think long-term SAP customers and SMEs are equally going to like. You surely won’t want to miss out on the coming announcements.

So once again, welcome to our new portal on the web. I look forward to reconnecting with old partners and making new connections with future customers as this journey continues. Please feel free to drop me a line and be sure to stay tuned in to hear more about our exciting new adventures.


David Bromlow
Founding Consultant
Bromlow Consulting